Full Time Virtual Assistant Services

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I used and I’m very impressed with the customer service/knowledge of everyone. I just wanted to let you know that it was a really good experience. You’ve done a nice job building that up. I have tried some others in the past but virtual assistants were much more professional.”
Ben Minges

Don’t have the time or skills to manage your virtual assistant or virtual team?

If your business is growing or you want it to, you can now get our hassle-free Managed Virtual Assistant Service. Your VAs work in-house monitored and supervised for productivity and efficiency.

Our Service covers our expertise area’s:

  • Executive Admin Assistance
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Graphic Design and Creative Content
  • Real Estate Investment Admin and Marketing Tasks
  • eCommerce Processed Tasks (Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Magento)
  • Appointment Setters for Sales Team

How It Works

1. Choose your package plan
2. You get contacted by the area expert Manager to identify your specific need
3. Ideal candidate is identified and orientation on-boarding session is set up
4. The Virtual Assistant starts their work

Benefits of using Mr. Outsource Full Time VA Service

  • No hassle with finding good outsourced staff.
  • No time wasted with terms, payments, benefits, money transfers and the likes.
  • Free replacements in case you should ever have a person leaving.
Part Time
80 hours per month
Dedicated Virtual Assistant
Working in the office
Supervised and Monitored
Full Time
160 hours per month
Dedicated Virtual Assistant
Working in the office
Supervised and Monitored
Hiring 10 or more managed Staff
We will ask for their email and phone number (required) for us to call them

What our very satisfied clients are saying

  • Matt Brown

    Definitely recommend looking at this! I jumped on boards Erlend´s coaching program and started listening to his Hardcore MBA podcast. Based on those two resources I have built up my very own company in the Philippines and business is booming! We can´t hire quickly enough! We use his co-working space in Davao City and I can 100% say that this process has been amazing for my business.

    ~ Matt Brown “Success Architect” – Serial Entrepreneur

  • Timothy Carroll

    Outsourcing has helped the business come alive by uniting Jimmy and Jakes purpose with the purpose of the company and myself. They are productive, passionate and making a difference by running the operational side of the business which allows me to focus on the front of the business and working/meeting clients. Their expertise in different areas is helping us to grow into being a digital business and developing a community of ideal clients. They are an integral part of the business who want to grow and develop with it, learning as the go. I have more time with my family, and more fun doing what I do best and together we are making a difference to the current and future leaders of the world.

    ~ Timothy Carroll,

  • Ben_Minges_min

    I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I used Mr Outsource for a few months and was very impressed with the customer service/knowledge of everyone. Anthony recommended it to me – and I just wanted to let you know that it was a really good experience, nice job building that up. I have tried some others in the past but they were much more professional.

    ~ Ben Minges

  • Pia Cato

    I discovered Mr Outsource through listening to Natalie Sisson’s podcast and it just hit home. I needed an affordable way to outsource as I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed with my workload. Previous to signing up with Mr Outsource I had been scared to take the leap into delegating but Mr Outsource made the whole process so easy. I was given a trial period and after outsourcing a few small projects to my dedicated VA, I realised that it was not scary and in order to grow my business it is the way forward. So far I have given my VA and Mr Outsource social media tasks, customer service projects, graphic design tasks, list building tasks and blogging tasks. I am extremely happy with the level of work and service received. A big shout out to Regina (CEO Philippines) and my VA Ivy. Thank you so much

    ~ Pia Cato – The Vanilla Pod Bakery

  • Joseph John Varghese

    It is going quite well with Jerry. He has a high level of integrity which I appreciate and he’s a fast learner. 🙂

    ~ Joseph John Varghese – Marketing Strategist

  • David Fry

    My VA has been a fantastic help in supporting the running of my business. With the extra support, outsourcing has helped me progress projects that I haven’t been able to finish for quite a long time. It has also allowed me to expand my business and focus on the core value adding tasks.

    ~ David Fry – CEO Project Pixel Pty Ltd.

  • Shaun Harris

    Eduardo, gave me the best information and assistance in doing my shoot. I really commend you all at Mr. Outsource and wish you the very very best.

    ~ Shaun Harris – Afrika Moves Photography


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You can now also get access to our “Done For You Servicescharge per minute, if you are looking for smaller virtual assistant tasks, Web Design, Graphics Design, Email Marketing, Video or Audio. Check out our Done For You Services.

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