Foundation of Mr. Outsource

Mr. Outsource an outsourcing company, was first conceived by Mr. Erlend Bakke four years ago. The technique and working system he learned and practiced from the book “4-HOUR WORK WEEK” made such an impact on him that he decided to share it to others who, like him before, had difficulties balancing their time between work and pursuance of their personal dreams.

Mr. Erlend Bakke knows from his own experience that most businessmen, especially new entrepreneurs, face the problem of being overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty details of running a business; so much so, that some even abandon their projects even before they start.

With the company he put up, the Mr. Outsource, Mr. Erlend wants to meet the problems of many businessmen and entrepreneurs by automating and help systemize office operation and if needed, to help companies outsource for highly qualified virtual assistants.

Mr. Outsource takes care of all the requirements of running a business virtually from administration, basic accounting, hiring of qualified personnel, management of schedules, setting up of appointments, travel bookings, research work, regular updating of company websites, answering and receiving of company communiqués via the internet, phones, and mail correspondence, to almost all phases of operations. In short, Mr. Outsource becomes a virtual office for entrepreneurs at much lesser cost which solves another big stumbling block in running a business—financing headaches.

Mr. Erlend Bakke, through his company Mr. Outsource, pushes his advocacy of liberating entrepreneurs from the hassles and bustles of running their business and find greater freedom and more time for themselves to pursue other endeavours.

Although many outsourcing companies have come out since Mr. Erlend Bakke put up Mr. Outsource four years ago, his company’s strong commitment to being a truly business partner at a more personal level makes it at par to most of them. Mr. Outsource not only to provides companies with qualified workers, but also trains and develops new virtual assistants who are willing to learn this new profession free of charge through his Mr. Outsource University. This free educational program of Mr. Outsource also helps in the economic growth of the countries where it operates.

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